Creating inclusive digital products for diverse audiences is not an easy job. To make a product inclusive, you need to think about it from the very beginning of the design process – it is not something you can add at the end of the journey. Fortunately, there are tools, studies, and technologies that help raise awareness and support creating inclusive products. A few thoughts and tips to consider…

Making product inclusive for everyone

Inclusive design is design that is accessible and understandable by anyone, regardless of our diversity (disabilities, age, beliefs, origins, etc). It is worth knowing that designing for people on the autism spectrum or for those who use screen readers, for example, should not affect the perception of the product by other users – that’s why we call it inclusive. Even small actions can significantly increase the inclusiveness of your product, such as:

  • Using more subtle colors.
  • Following logical linear layouts.
  • Providing transcription for videos.
  • Using good color contrast between text and background.
  • Making clickable elements larger and easy to take action.
  • Amplification of important messages with sound or sensory effects.


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